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Failed To Configure Novell Ifolder 3

I have used iFolder on various PC's, and I usually see that it is a bit slow to download or upload large amounts of data. I've set up iFolder and followed all the suggestions for Clear Text LDAP authentication, trustees, LDAP proxy users, etc, but I can never get logged in. Of course you KNOW that you need to install multipath-tool on both servers Step 4: Install NSS & NCS on Both Servers The clustering services should be installed by invoking the For example, /admin The host or IP address of the iFolder server that will be used by the iFolder Web Admin application: Specify the host or IP address of the iFolder have a peek here

Port 80 is the default value for non-SSL communication. This URL is used for the proper logout of iChain/AccessGateway sessions along with the iFolder session. Non SSL: Select Non SSL to enable unsecured communication between the iFolder server, Web Admin server, Web Access server and the clients. I'd like to access my iFolder files through a BorderManager reverse proxy configuration.

But I quickly saw that it was trying to upload all 3GB to the server. iFolder System Configuration LDAP Proxy User Password: Specify a password for the LDAP Proxy user. I could see "*O=DD" showing up in the DSTRACE. If it is there, make sure to remove the Compatibility status from it.

Check the URL after the configuration to ensure that iFolder was configured correctly. NOTE:You can use a single URL for the iFolder server if it is accessed only inside the corporate firewall. I was unable to verify this but after rebooting, the system turned out fine. Suddenly iFolder was reporting that I was using 300900MB.

First time. This file controls whether the user is prompted before the updated client is installed without user intervention. I had to go into the httpd_ifolder.nw.conf file and change the LdapLoginDnContext from "*O=dd" to "O=dd". These objects need to be deleted (or renamed) first.

Selecting Both enables you to select secure or non secure channel for communication between the iFolder server, Web Admin server, Web Access server and the clients. For more information about this release and for the latest release notes, see the iManager Documentation Web site. Cluster-enable the Volume After configuring EVMS to be the volume manager for the storage, the next step is to use iManager to configure the volumes that can be failed over between This enables a secure SSL channel between the two.

Step 10: Create a Printer Map Make sure that ippsrvr.nlm is loaded in iManager. This will invoke the evmsd_worker process on the rest of the nodes. Configuring iFolder Web Accessss The alias that you use for node 1 should be the same for the other node i.e. /ifolder For the iFolder server URL use https://localhost Finally unmount You must then specify the passphrase to create an encrypted iFolder. 5.4 No Notification of Name Conflicts on Uploading Multiple Files with the Same Name by Using Two Different Clients When

iFolder Web Admin (optional): Select the iFolder Web Admin check box to configure the iFolder Web Admin server. http://blackplanetsupport.com/failed-to/failed-to-configure-the-service-netlogon-as-requested-demote.html If the Proxy user does not exist, it is created and granted the Read right to the LDAP Search context(s).  If the Proxy user already exists, it is granted the Read It is safe to ignore it and continue working on iManager because it does not affect the iManager functionality in any way. HINT:If the iFolder configuration failed at any stage, refer to the /var/log/YaST2/y2log file to find the details on the failure that help you in analyzing and troubleshooting the issues.

If you do not stop iFolderServer on both servers, you will get "file in use" errors. Document ID:7011340Creation Date:09-NOV-12Modified Date:09-NOV-12NovelliFolder Did this document solve your problem? After applying this patch, restart the Red Carpet daemon. Check This Out Once you upgrade to iFolder 2.x, you then need to enabled the desired users to make use of iFolder.

LDAP Naming Attribute: Select which LDAP attribute of the User account to apply when authenticating users. You can choose any combination of iFolder components from the given options. This is needed because there might be kernel updates which require a reboot.

When iFolder attempted to bind to the LDAP server over SSL, it used the first cert to create the SSL handshake and failed.Formerly known as TID# 10099672 DisclaimerThis Support Knowledgebase provides

Configure Other Nodes Start YaST and configure iFolder Enterprise Server. Verify the name/address and port. Log in to the iFolder Management Console in your browser. What can I do to make this work, with iFolder 1.0?

Do not install Novell Storage Services (NSS) or Novell Cluster Services (NCS) during the installation – the multipath-tools package should be installed and then configured in order for the shared storage LDAP proxy user Password: Specify a password for the LDAP Proxy user. Connect to iFolder server using SSL: This option is selected by default to establish a secure connection between iFolder enterprise server and the iFolder Web Access application. this contact form iFolder also provides higher security for your confidential iFolder files, to protect them from intentional or unintentional access by unauthorized people.