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Failed To Merge Schema Incompatible Schema Cookies

mnesia_controller:wait_for_schema_commit_lock() end, GoodRes end. create_disc_table(Tab) -> File = mnesia_lib:tab2dcd(Tab), file:delete(File), FArg = [{file, File}, {name, {mnesia,create}}, {repair, false}, {mode, read_write}], case mnesia_monitor:open_log(FArg) of {ok,Log} -> mnesia_monitor:unsafe_close_log(Log), ok; {error,Reason} -> Err = "Failed to create disc has_duplicates([H | T]) -> case lists:member(H, T) of true -> true; false -> has_duplicates(T) end; has_duplicates([]) -> false. %% This is the only place where we check the validity of data verify(Expected, Fun, Error) when is_function(Fun) -> do_verify(Expected, catch Fun(), Error); verify(Expected, Actual, Error) -> do_verify(Expected, Actual, Error). http://blackplanetsupport.com/failed-to/eclipse-org-xml-sax-saxparseexception-schema-reference-4-failed-to-read-schema-document.html

do_add_snmp(schema, _Ustruct) -> mnesia:abort({bad_type, schema}); do_add_snmp(Tab, Ustruct) -> TidTs = get_tid_ts_and_lock(schema, write), get_tid_ts_and_lock(Tab, read), insert_schema_ops(TidTs, make_add_snmp(Tab, Ustruct)). do_change_table_load_order(schema, _LoadOrder) -> mnesia:abort({bad_type, schema}); do_change_table_load_order(Tab, LoadOrder) -> TidTs = get_tid_ts_and_lock(schema, write), get_tid_ts_and_lock(Tab, none), insert_schema_ops(TidTs, make_change_table_load_order(Tab, LoadOrder)). do_change_table_copy_type(Tab, Node, ToS) when is_atom(Node) -> TidTs = get_tid_ts_and_lock(schema, write), get_tid_ts_and_lock(Tab, write), % ensure global sync %% get_tid_ts_and_lock(Tab, read), insert_schema_ops(TidTs, make_change_table_copy_type(Tab, Node, ToS)); do_change_table_copy_type(Tab, Node, _ToS) -> mnesia:abort({badarg, Tab, Node}). on [email protected] storage ram_copies, on [email protected] storage disc_copies [22:14:43] I'm trying to create ejabberd-cluster [22:15:05] can somebody help me? [22:17:16] Aleksey and Smeag talked about this about four

Almost every xmpp client provide a setting where you can define server ip. check_keys(Tab, [{Key, _Val} | Tail], Items) -> case lists:member(Key, Items) of true -> [Key | check_keys(Tab, Tail, Items)]; false -> mnesia:abort({badarg, Tab, Key}) end; check_keys(_, [], _) -> []; check_keys(Tab, Arg, Is it possible to give the script then domain name of the vhost as an argument? [22:39:21] lukas: you can configure ejabberd to use extauth only for a specific vhost All these functions are called %% within a special schema transaction. %% %% We also have an init/1 function defined here, this func is %% used by mnesia:start() to initialize the

  1. do_write_table_property(Tab, Prop) -> TidTs = get_tid_ts_and_lock(schema, write), {_, _, Ts} = TidTs, Store = Ts#tidstore.store, case change_prop_in_existing_op(Tab, Prop, write_property, Store) of true -> dbg_out("change_prop_in_existing_op" "(~p,~p,write_property,Store) -> true~n", [Tab,Prop]), %% we have
  2. Edit erlang cookie file on
  3. Directory "/opt/ejabberd-1.1.1/bin/[email protected]" is used.use fallback at restart = false [17:18:50] remove that dir first [17:19:29] Hi everyone.
  4. make_clear_table(Tab) -> Cs = val({Tab, cstruct}), ensure_writable(Tab), [{op, clear_table, cs2list(Cs)}]. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% add_table_copy(Tab, Node, Storage) -> schema_transaction(fun() -> do_add_table_copy(Tab, Node, Storage) end).
  5. prepare_op(_Tid, {op, transform, Fun, TabDef}, _WaitFor) -> Cs = list2cs(TabDef), case mnesia_lib:cs_to_storage_type(node(), Cs) of unknown -> {true, mandatory}; Storage -> Tab = Cs#cstruct.name, RecName = Cs#cstruct.record_name, Type = Cs#cstruct.type, NewArity =
  6. ensure_active(Cs, What) -> Tab = Cs#cstruct.name, W = {Tab, What}, ensure_non_empty(W), Nodes = mnesia_lib:intersect(val({schema, disc_copies}), mnesia_lib:cs_to_nodes(Cs)), case Nodes -- val(W) of [] -> ok; Ns -> Expl = "All replicas on
  7. Start ejabberd server on
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  9. false; (_) -> true end, case lists:filter(Filter, Res) of [] -> Father ! {self(), updated}, %% When transaction is commited the process dies %% and the lock is released.

You can download ejabberd installer for mac from ejabberd website. do_del_table_index(schema, _Attr) -> mnesia:abort({bad_type, schema}); do_del_table_index(Tab, Attr) -> TidTs = get_tid_ts_and_lock(schema, write), get_tid_ts_and_lock(Tab, read), Pos = attr_tab_to_pos(Tab, Attr), insert_schema_ops(TidTs, make_del_table_index(Tab, Pos)). opt_add(N, L) -> [N | lists:delete(N, L)]. My steps: - Running as three node cluster, stop all brokers - Create a new rabbitmq.config file with just two brokers - Attempt to start the new cluster.

Also make sure your ejabberd server names looks like [email protected] and [email protected] How could also be delete_property... I also loaded mod_ctlextra [23:19:10] how do I use that now? [23:19:52] I'm creating a jabber clusterNow you can add replicas of various tables to this node with “mnesia:add_table_copy” Writing, on the other hand, will be slower.

read_cstructs_from_disc() -> %% Assumptions: %% - local schema lock in global %% - use_dir is true %% - Mnesia is not running %% - Ignore fallback Fname = mnesia_lib:tab2dat(schema), case mnesia_lib:exists(Fname) Posted by atul at 7:12 AM Reactions: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) There do_transform_table(schema, _Fun, _NewAttrs, _NewRecName) -> mnesia:abort({bad_type, schema}); do_transform_table(Tab, Fun, NewAttrs, NewRecName) -> TidTs = get_tid_ts_and_lock(schema, write), get_tid_ts_and_lock(Tab, write), insert_schema_ops(TidTs, make_transform(Tab, Fun, NewAttrs, NewRecName)). make_del_table_copy(Tab, Node) -> ensure_writable(schema), Cs = incr_version(val({Tab, cstruct})), Storage = mnesia_lib:schema_cs_to_storage_type(Node, Cs), Cs2 = new_cs(Cs, Node, Storage, del), case mnesia_lib:cs_to_nodes(Cs2) of [] when Tab == schema -> mnesia:abort({combine_error, Tab, "Last replica"});

This function may not be called %% during startup since it will cause the %% application_controller to get into deadlock case mnesia_lib:ensure_loaded(?APPLICATION) of ok -> case mnesia_monitor:get_env(schema_location) of opt_disc -> read_schema(false); To test if installation is successful, you can use any xmpp client. make_change_table_load_order(Tab, LoadOrder) -> ensure_writable(schema), Cs = incr_version(val({Tab, cstruct})), ensure_active(Cs), OldLoadOrder = Cs#cstruct.load_order, Cs2 = Cs#cstruct{load_order = LoadOrder}, verify_cstruct(Cs2), [{op, change_table_load_order, cs2list(Cs2), OldLoadOrder, LoadOrder}]. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% write_table_property(Tab, Prop) when is_tuple(Prop), size(Prop) >= 1 get_initial_schema(SchemaStorage, Nodes) -> Cs = #cstruct{name = schema, record_name = schema, attributes = [table, cstruct]}, Cs2 = case SchemaStorage of ram_copies -> Cs#cstruct{ram_copies = Nodes}; disc_copies -> Cs#cstruct{disc_copies = Nodes} end,

is_remote_member(Key) -> IsActive = lists:member(node(), val(Key)), {IsActive, node()}. this contact form Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. Now create local disc storage for the database ([email protected])2> mnesia:change_table_copy_type(schema, node(), disc_copies).9. change_prop_in_existing_op(Tab, Prop, How, Store) -> Ops = ets:match_object(Store, '_'), case update_existing_op(Ops, Tab, Prop, How, []) of {true, Ops1} -> ets:match_delete(Store, '_'), [ets:insert(Store, Op) || Op <- Ops1], true; false -> false

set_where_to_read(Tab, Node, Cs) -> case mnesia_lib:val({Tab, where_to_read}) of Node -> case Cs#cstruct.local_content of true -> ok; false -> mnesia_lib:set_remote_where_to_read(Tab, [Node]), ok end; _ -> ok end. %% Build up the list I have this : [18:22:26] [email protected] [18:22:31] [email protected] [18:22:42] you missed the second "2" [18:23:12] exec $BINDIR/erl \ -noinput \ -name default2 \ -mnesia extra_db_nodes "['[email protected]']" -s insert_prop(Prop, L, How) -> Prev = find_props(L), MergedProps = merge_with_previous(How, Prop, Prev), replace_props(L, MergedProps). have a peek here do_verify({alt, Values}, Value, Error) -> case lists:member(Value, Values) of true -> ok; false -> mnesia:abort(Error) end; do_verify(Value, Value, _) -> ok; do_verify(_Value, _, Error) -> mnesia:abort(Error).

All Rights Reserved. %% %% The contents of this file are subject to the Erlang Public License, %% Version 1.1, (the "License"); you may not use this file except in %% do_create_table(Cs) -> {_Mod, _Tid, Ts} = get_tid_ts_and_lock(schema, none), Store = Ts#tidstore.store, do_insert_schema_ops(Store, make_create_table(Cs)). Now let's make cluster.

on '' cs > [{name,schema},{type,set},{ram_copies,[' > ']},{disc_copies,['']} > > ,{disc_only_copies,[]},{load_order,0},{access_mode,read_write},{index,[]},{snmp,[]},{local_content,false},{record_name,schema}, > > {attributes,[table,cstruct]},{user_properties,[]},{frag_properties,[]},{cookie,{{1351,554882,753639},' > '}}, > {version,{{4,0},{'',{1355,182745,138103}}}}], > on '' rcs > [{name,schema},{type,set},{ram_copies,[]},{disc_copies,[' > ','

Thanks Fab -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... Add the following content to this new line (without the start and end quote): "-mnesia extra_db_nodes "['[email protected]']" -s mnesia \"13. move_table(Tab, FromNode, ToNode) -> schema_transaction(fun() -> do_move_table(Tab, FromNode, ToNode) end). existed_before(Tab) -> ('EXIT' =/= element(1, ?catch_val({Tab,cstruct}))). %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Delete a table entirely on all nodes.

Please, restart from old backup.'[email protected]' [16:52:18] Smeag: it means that database is already exists on disk and was created not from another node, so you need to remove it first modified %% false if Op should NOT be included, i.e. How to setup ejabberd clustering Simple JSON parser ► March (1) ► February (1) ► January (3) ► 2010 (20) ► December (2) ► October (1) ► September (2) ► August Check This Out transform_objs(_Fun, _Tab, _RT, '$end_of_table', _NewArity, _Storage, _Type, Acc) -> Acc; transform_objs(Fun, Tab, RecName, Key, A, Storage, Type, Acc) -> Objs = mnesia_lib:db_get(Tab, Key), NextKey = mnesia_lib:db_next_key(Tab, Key), Oid = {Tab, Key},

The reason seems to be related to a node that is no longer part of the cluster. Delete all ops in the Store %% that operate on this table. delete_table_property(Tab, PropKey) -> schema_transaction(fun() -> do_delete_table_property(Tab, PropKey) end). To access the most up-to-date ejabberd documentation, please visit docs.ejabberd.im » Failed to merge schema: Incompatible schema cookies.

make_delete_table_properties(Tab, PropKeys) -> ensure_writable(schema), Cs = incr_version(val({Tab, cstruct})), ensure_active(Cs), make_delete_table_properties(Tab, PropKeys, Cs). Toggle navigation ejabberd News GitHub Bugtracker Mailing List Forums Contact Documentation Downloads ejabberd News GitHub Bugtracker Mailing List Forums Contact Documentation Downloads Home » ejabberd Book » FAQ » Runtime Error Ejabberd is installed in "/Applications" directory on mac. Powered by Blogger.

Users wich are not in my roster can send my such requests [17:19:40] the dir : [email protected] ? [17:20:15] sol: afair privacy lists should not block subscriptions [17:20:25] Copy contents of erlang cookie file from first node. If not, it can be %% retrieved online at http://www.erlang.org/. %% %% Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" %% basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either For our example setup, let's assume you have given username "admin" and password "admin".

I run ejabberd through this: [22:46:26] ah nevermind [22:46:59] I hope this works better [22:48:39] can I add modules while the server is running? [22:48:46] through the This function may not be called %% during startup since it will cause the %% application_controller to get into deadlock case mnesia_lib:ensure_loaded(?APPLICATION) of ok -> case mnesia_lib:is_running() of no -> Dir