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The initialization variables are the following: parts - A mandatory array of message parts to be sent. Visit Now Cadence Academic Network CAN OverviewThe Cadence Academic Network helps build strong relationships between academia and industry, and promotes the proliferation of leading-edge technologies and methodologies at universities renowned for New property autodownloadMaximumContentSize on LYRClient which enables the client to automatically start the content downloads for message parts that match the size criteria. A set of two new notification are introduced that inform when a synchronization process is about to begin LYRConversationWillBeginSynchronizingNotification (handing out an LYRProgress instance in the userInfo of the notification), and http://blackplanetsupport.com/failed-to/failed-to-set-layer-change-to-lba.html

Fixed an issue where push device tokens would not be updated after a connection was established in some circumstances. 0.8.8Bug Fixes Fixes an issue where LYRClient might crash if a user more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed By default, LayerKit will automatically download content for message parts whose content size is less than 2KB. Visit Now Software Downloads Cadence offers various software services for download.

Fixes an issue where the synchronization process would get caught in an infinite loop trying to download rich content and applying the updates to the LYRMessagePart instance. [APPS-2517] Fixed an issue I have defined a Tile layer (9) but the following fails: When creating the tiile: GameObject newTile = (GameObject)Instantiate( trec.GetPrefab(), new Vector3(rec.x*10,rec.e,rec.y*10),Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(-90,((int)rec.facing)*90,0))); newTile.transform.parent = rootObject.transform; GameObjectUtils.SetShader(newTile,noCullShader); tileGrid[rec.x,rec.y] = newTile; newTile.layer=LayerMask.NameToLayer("Tile"); Submit identity token to Layer for validation */ [layerClient authenticateWithIdentityToken:identityToken completion:^(LYRIdentity *authenticatedUser, NSError *

Fixes the crash in LYRClient creation process, where the internal logic tries to create a background NSURLSession and fails to compare the session's delegate with self. If a user has been authenticated and you request a nonce, the nonce will come back nil. Setting the paginationWindow of an LYRQueryController object to zero will now raise an NSInvalidArgumentException. Visit Now University Software Program Americas University Software Program Join the 250+ qualified Americas member universities who have already incorporated Cadence EDA software into their classrooms and academic research projects.

LYRMessagePushNotificationSoundNameKey key constant has been deprecated in favor of LYRMessageOptionsPushNotificationSoundNameKey. This is done by calling markAsRead: on the message object.

NSError *error = nil; BOOL success = [message markAsRead

Attaching dates or tags to the conversation. Added sessionWithUserIdentifier: method to LYRClient. Last post on 28 Mar 2014 10:18 AM by Fabb. Added newSessionWithIdentifier: method to LYRClient.

Added support for managing the disk space utilization of message parts. Applications can inspect recipient statuses by accessing the recipientStatusByUserID property on LYRMessage objects. Otherwise it will remain enqueued locally until the SDK re-establishes a network connection. How to tell my parents I want to marry my girlfriend Bruteforcing a keypad lock Dealing cards, derangements, and probability: Is the Riddler Express solution incorrect?

Fixed an issue where user generated object identifiers with lowercase strings weren't recognized by conversationForIdentifiers or messagesForIdentifiers. 0.7.21-rc1Bug Fixes Fixed a potential crash when the client is asked to establish a Check This Out Fixes an issue where LYRClient crashed when allocating the work load across synchronization cycles. More Design Services Training Hosted Design Solutions Methodology Services Virtual Integrated Computer Aided Design (VCAD) Support Support Support OverviewA global customer support infrastructure with around-the-clock help. The property is a dictionary wherein the keys are participant identifiers and the values are the current recipient status for that message.

  1. Typing Indicators With LayerKit, you can drive changes to the UI based on whether the other participants in a Conversation are typing or not.
  2. Instead of invoking the completion handler with a UIBackgroundFetchResult and an NSError, an NSArray of object changes and an NSError are now given.
  3. This can be used to enhance UI performance through the elision of uninteresting updates.

Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the lastMessage property didn't get updated regularly. We are looking for academic speakers to talk about their research to industry attendees. Ensure that 64bit values are handled consistently across CPU architectures. Source Deprecated addPolicy:error: in favor of addPolicies:error: and removePolicy:error: in favor of removePolicies:error: which provides for performing bulk policy operations.

I want to make a collision just against one kidn of object in my world, a "Tile". Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with incorrect message ordering. It replaces the previously NSNumber wrapped typing indicator ENUM values that were bundled in the notification's userInfo.

Fixed an issue where lastMessage could be nil during change notifications.

Fixed a race condition that could result in multiple connection attempts from the client during push notifications. Public API Changes Added LYRAnnouncement, which models a platform message sent externally from any conversation. More reliable push notification handling when using the synchronizeWithRemoteNotification:completion: method Added support for building LayerKit as a dynamic framework. Fixes an issue where deleting conversation metadata at key path didn't work.

Unity 5.5 is now released. Read more Online Training Online Training is delivered over the web to let you proceed at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. Bug Fixes Fixes an issue which caused LYRQueryController instances to return partially hydrated objects. have a peek here The sender has two mutually exclusive properties, userID and name.

Steven Johnson, James M. synchronizeWithRemoteNotification:completion: now passes an error via completion block, in case the method is invoked while the app is in the foreground. The initialization variables are the following: participants - A mandatory array of user identifiers. MessageParts take an NSData object and a MIME type string.

Session state is now segregated by appID, facilitating graceful authentication handling when switching between appID's (i.e. Enhanced concurrency and cancellation behaviors in synchronization engine. Fixes an issue which caused LayerKit to return nil instead of NSUIntegerMax if an error occurred during a count query. 0.14.0Enhancements Introduced Announcements, special Messages sent to all users of the Visit our exclusive job search page for interns and recent college graduate jobs.

Fixed an issue in the storage of user identifiers that could result in incorrect querying by participants for applications that use very large numeric values for user ID's. 0.8.6Bug Fixes Ensure Compute the Median Can time travel make us rich through trading, and is this a problem? In The Science of Successful Organizational Change , you'll learn: How the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world affects the scale and pace of change in today’s businesses How understanding Added new diagnosticDescription method to LYRClient that dumps a report of the client's internal state for debugging.

Larsen,B. Objects inserted outside the bounds of the pagination window of an LYRQueryController will no longer cause the pagination window to expand. New property currentDiskUtilization on LYRClient which provides information on how much disk space is in use by message part content. Fixed issues in the database access layer to avoid busy and lock errors under high concurrency. 0.12.0Enhancements Changed several APIs to improve interoperability with Swift.

Fixes an issue which caused LayerKit to indefinitely retry conversation creation after receiving an unrecoverable error from server. This creates an LYRMessage object that is ready to be sent. It really looks like setting the layer in code just isnt working. The position of a Message is a value that is calculated immediately when the Message is synchronized and never changes.