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ZCP-10828 Zarafa-stats -top is misleading in a number of ways. I have tried to run omtidyu but that did not change anything. Off by default since it takes time. $syncflagsaftercopy = defined( $syncflagsaftercopy ) ? $syncflagsaftercopy : 0 ; turn on relogin 5 by default $relogin1 = defined( $relogin1 ) ? $relogin1 : The ... Check This Out

ZCP-11128 UserCertificate is not available in GAL although it's configured in LDAP. With the adoption to the recent versions of OpenSSL, gperftools, boost libraries, pthreads and many more we updated the whole stack of open source components ZCP is built on. ZCP-11023 Test PR_MESSAGE_FLAGS handling. ZCP-3200 WebAccess does not save new reminder time in exception recurrence blob.

Failed To Update Headers Outlook 2010 Imap

I just do not understand why Microsoft is making everything so complicated these days! We use IMAP with a Gmail account. With this release we address a few segfaults in zarafa-search to match this final release. My Unix users using evolution client configured for IMAP are the most affected when they get a meeting invite it get stuck while downloading emails.

ZCP 7.1.13¶ This release is a maintenance release with a strong focus on resolving issues reported by customers and the community. I believe that I have found the culprit: Scalix Connect for Evolution. ZCP-11000 Cannot use outlook with ssl on windows 8. Failed To Upload Headers Outlook Use when migrating to Office 365 Educational tenantsChange: Fail earlier in the migration process to Google if an alias is specified for the migrating account rather than the primary email addressChange:

You should see this archive folder listed under your list of mailboxes on the left after you have completed the archive process. 7) Click Ok. http://blogs.technet.com/b/sbs/archive/2011/06/10/certain-remote-client-access-can-break-if-you-change-the-default-accepted-domain-on-sbs-2011-standard.aspx I renamed the name/label set for the default Accepted Domainfrom 'Company Email' to 'Company_Email'and it resolved the IMAP4 sync issues. (I can send, receive and view allmailbox content - IMAP4 Thank you for your participation. =head1 AUTHOR Gilles LAMIRAL [email protected] Feedback good or bad is very often welcome. Friday, March 28, 2014 3:09 PM Reply | Quote 1 Sign in to vote I get the same error too..

You can see the changelog below, and you can check the diff of the fix at: http://git.debian.org/?p=debian-edu/pkg-team/gosa.git;a=commitdiff;h=e2b3e5a --- commit e2b3e5a932dd30d0294172b95e31d0fc39ea5b0b Author: Mike Gabriel Date: Fri Feb 12 09:35:43 2016 +0100 The Tcp Ip Connection Was Unexpectedly Terminated By The Server Outlook 2010 reconnect success(1) on try #1/3 Sending: 3 CAPABILITY Sent 14 bytes Read: * CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 LITERAL+ SASL-IR LOGIN-REFERRALS ID ENABLE IDLE STARTTLS LOGINDISABLED 3 OK Pre-login capabilities listed, post-login capabilities have I have asked them to keep a timeline of errors received to see if maybe they occur at the same time - research? The zarafa-indexer subpackage is not available on Rawhide at the moment, because Fedora Rawhide is shipping the brand new, but API and ABI incompatible CLucene version

What Does Failed To Update Headers Mean In Outlook

Ok. Thanks, Kenny Top ScalixSupport Scalix Posts: 5451 Joined: Thu Mar 25, 2004 8:15 pm Quote Postby ScalixSupport » Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:25 am Please also post the contents of /var/opt/scalix/logs/fatal. Failed To Update Headers Outlook 2010 Imap SmarterMail, Smarter Mail 5.0 Enterprise, Smarter Mail 5.5 [host1], SmarterMail Professional 10.2 [host1], Smarter Mail 11.7 [host1][host2]. An Imap Command Failed. Protocol: Imap Server: Imap.mail.yahoo.com Port: 993 ZCP-10500 Fix corrupt mapi recipient properties in recurring agenda items.

I have just spent a lot of hours by trying to solve this problem and another minutes with workaround. his comment is here From: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/exchangesvradmin/thread/c63b8713-9ef9-4076-a11b-5db08255689b/ Buddha377 states: It has nothing to do with your client, or hot fixes, or your firewall or your antivirus.  All the results you will find on Google to this question Ical6 is now a supported version in combination with ZCP 7.1. ZCP-11013 Monitor sends only one company quota mail server wide. An Imap Command Failed. Protocol: Imap Server: Mail.btinternet.com Port: 993

Make a good title with word "imapsync" in it (my spam filter won't filter it), Don't write an email title with just "imapsync" or "problem", a good title is made of The IMAP error that I get (from Outlook 2003) is "Failed to update Headers. But DBMail 1.2.1 is supported. this contact form I'll have to do it for everyone else.

ZCP-10510 Php-ext logging to research Apache threads are crashing on RHEL5 with z-push 2.0. Your Imap Server Closed The Connection Webaccess ========= - Security #5939: Possible to execute shell commands with the WebAccess. - Security #5938: PHP code execution possible in WebAccess. - Feature #6015: Download email in .eml format. - ZCP-12830 Search-Plus: Memory leak when running an initial sync ZCP-12911 Zarafa monitor logs fatal errors which are clearly not fatal ZCP-12914 Add comment in monitor.cfg for companyquota_warning_template ZCP-12944 another chinese decode

Try also imapsync ... --ssl1 Then debug what's wrong with your server, maybe it wants certificates or something like that?

my $h1_size = $h1_fir_ref->{$m}->{"RFC822.SIZE"} || 0; $nb_msg_skipped += 1; $h1_total_bytes_duplicate += $h1_size; $h1_nb_msg_duplicate += 1; $h1_nb_msg_processed +=1 ; } } my $h1_msgs_duplicate_nb = scalar( @h1_msgs_duplicate ) ; $h1{ $h1_fold }{ 'duplicates_nb' Afterwards imapsync just reconnects, ignores the LOGINDISABLED capability and tries to LOGIN over a plaintext connection. Open draft in the WebAccess will give error. - Fix #5757: Schedule tab breaks typed attendees. - Fix #6587: Scheduling tab is blank when inviting a external contact. - Fix #5925: Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders ZCP-10906 WebAccess forward rule body is not placed correctly when forwarded e-mail is received from Google Mail.

ZCP-12152 ICS Changes in 7.1.8 cause a high load when z-push is used. and lighting 0.9. - Fix #5819: Caldav/delegate: all appointment are shown as private. - Fix #5943: Caldav: accepting a MR in lightning does not set 'ResponseStatus' property.. - Fix #6199: Caldav: Debian distribution maintenance software pp. navigate here Close Outlook 2.

Au revoir, 09 51 84 42 42 Gilles Lamiral. The only thing that I can think of was a request to confirm a dentist appointment by clicking in an e-mail, which I deleted. Support creation of + NT/LM hashes from base64 encoded password string. + + Add 1023_check-smbhash-creation-for-base64-encoded-pws.patch. MDaemon is simply buggy with the APPEND IMAP command with any IMAP email client.

The tool imapcp (written in python) could not help me because I had to verify every mailbox was well transferred and delete it after a good transfer. imapsync with all the options you use, the full command line you use (except the passwords of course). Cheers Dave Top kluss0 Posts: 118 Joined: Sat Jan 07, 2006 1:40 pm Quote Postby kluss0 » Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:46 am Hi Dave, Here is the fatal log output: Every time I received a new message, etc.

This has been driving me nuts, and the fix you suggested (going into through OWA and deleting meeting invites) finally fixed the problem! ZCP-1861 There's no pop-up when you're trying to move a folder into it's sub-folder. Share this articleFacebookGoogle+TwitterOther Social Networks × Share With OthersBlinkListBlogmarksdel.icio.usDiggDiigoFacebookFriendFeedGoogle+LinkedInNetvouzNewsVineRedditStumbleUponTumblrTwitterYahoo BookmarksCancelPrint Help Desk Software powered by SmarterTrack 12.4 © 2003-2017 SmarterTools Inc. This version includes the new automated patching mechanism which allows Outlook versions to be supported before an actual update via Microsoft Update.

Both Dagent and Spooler functionality have been extended to support python scripting hooks that allow system administrators and developers to extend the functionality of these with personal scripts to manipulate content Sending: 1 STARTTLS Sent 12 bytes Read: 1 OK Begin TLS negotiation now. We switched from an Exchange Server hosted by Cbeyond to an IMAP hosted by AT&T. ZCP-11890 Segfault Zarafa-Server 7.1.8 ZCP-11917 Let migrator skip mailbox when destination user has reached quota, so the migrator is not logging for every items that quota is reached ZCP-11918 Make zarafa-stats

ZCP-13522 Zarafa Migration tool 7.2.x cannot be installed due to MSI error ZCP-13520 mr-accept not found in /usr/bin ZCP-13508 gSyncit (Outlook Addin) blocks VERSION.dll to be upgraded ZCP-13494 zarafa-spooler fails to